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travelogue / фильм о путешествиях
имя существительное
фильм о путешествиях
travelogue, travel film
имя существительное
a movie, book, or illustrated lecture about the places visited and experiences encountered by a traveler.
Michael Palin, former Python, writer and TV presenter, veteran of several television travelogues with the massive-selling books to match, falls in love with the Scottish Colourists.
Readers ‘might think of this book as a travelogue of a search for examples of the historical public in action’.
As a travelogue the film has some interest, and there are amusing moments, but as a whole it is not penetrating or critical enough.
Instead, what she shares here are entries that seem to come from her journal, a travelogue of her experiences.
Giant mosquitoes notwithstanding, on one level the film serves as a travelogue of the north.
It is a travelogue , visiting different locations and families to educate children about the diversity of our society.
It is both a dazzling travelogue (a natural for IMAX) and a poetic ballet of energy and grace.
A road movie that begins someway between a sumptuous travelogue and a light-hearted romp quickly develops into something much more significant.
In many ways, this is the ultimate in on-location filming, and it functions almost as effectively as a travelogue as a drama.
The book is basically a travelogue of his tour in France.
It is mainly worth renting as a Montreal travelogue and for Marlon Brando's utterly surreal appearance.