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trattoria / траттория
имя существительное
an Italian restaurant serving simple food.
Instead we went to a proper restaurant, an Italian trattoria on Rupert Street.
Dinner is served either outside on the terrace or in the dining room, which looks like a Italian trattoria , circa 1974.
There's a French bistro, an English pub and an Italian trattoria for starters.
Instead we went to a proper restaurant, an Italian trattoria on Rupert Street.
It may not have a lot of appeal over here, but in Verona it's the vino locale and seems to taste more pleasant in an Italian trattoria .
But nothing was allowed to dampen the party mood, and after an aperitif at Charlie's, the caravan moved on to one of the two trattorias that have stayed open here since the end of the summer season.
Buying a sandwich in a grocery store for lunch on a church's cool marble steps is a popular alternative to Italy's pricey trattorias and cafes.
The lively neighborhood is packed with pastry shops and trattorias , an inheritance from the district's Italian settlers of a century ago.
Pinot Grigio is, in fact, the ultimate no-frills, no-thought-required quaffer - just the ticket in casual Italian trattorias .
Almost all of the cafes, trattorias , and osterie that we went to were child-friendly.
It's better to get a hotel with half board - dinner included - than to search in vain for food in one of the trattorias scattered about.