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trash / мусор, хлам, дрянь
имя существительное
litter, rubbish, garbage, trash, refuse, sweepings
trash, rubbish, junk, stuff, lumber, rummage
stuff, trash, lousy, muck, rotter, yuck
очищать от мусора
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, trash
имя существительное
discarded matter; refuse.
Rinse containers well before discarding in the trash .
damage or wreck.
my apartment's been totally trashed
strip (sugar cane) of its outer leaves to ripen it faster.
You catch up on movies, read trash and get tucked in by nice young men who offer you Vogue…
I know but he refuses to empty the trash himself.
As far as throwaway movies go, it is top quality trash .
Landowners, too, can be held responsible should someone decide to discard their trash on private property.
The walls were torn and dirty, books were scattered everywhere; pages ripped out and discarded like trash .
It is tabloid trash no matter how you dress it up or justify it to yourselves.
If it's diseased or infested with insects, bag it and discard in the trash .
Yet Shaft keeps on operating, pulling questionable legal tricks and using deceit and deception to fool the gangland trash of the streets.
Thinking that the books are frivolous trash of no value is apparently an out-of-date misconception common only to those who have never read them.
Americans trash 2 million tons of old computers and other forms of electronic waste annually.