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trappings / внешние атрибуты, украшения, попона
имя существительное
внешние атрибуты
ornamentation, finery, ornamentals, furnishings, trappings, bijou
blanket, horsecloth, trappings, trap, caparison, housing
имя существительное
the outward signs, features, or objects associated with a particular situation, role, or thing.
I had the trappings of success
It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.
Her diaries and letters reveal a woman determined to succeed as a singer and who was chuffed with her success and the trappings that came with it.
While distinctly fleshy now, sporting all the trappings of wealth and success, he still pushes life to its limit.
He deserves his financial success and the trappings of wealth that come from working hard.
Want a parade saddle, complete with scrolled pewter trappings and conchos?
Unfortunately, I bought into all the trappings that money and success, you know, could buy.
There is a message in the serial: too many people dream of a fast car, a big house, and all the material trappings .
They undermined the social hierarchy even as they left its outward trappings intact.
We freed the horses from their trappings , and I went about setting up our camp.
So who are we to condemn the materialistic trappings of our stars?