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trapper / охотник, ставящий капканы
имя существительное
охотник, ставящий капканы
имя существительное
a person who traps wild animals, especially for their fur.
A delegation of East Gippsland farmers will approach Environment Minister John Thwaites to push for more wild dog trappers .
As the trapper came closer the animal jumped to his feet.
A trapper who caught wild birds in the woods around Ongar was convicted and fined £3,000 after an elaborate undercover operation involving the police and the RSPCA.
When the trapper finally comes to collect the animals, they stomp or beat them to death to avoid damaging the pelt.
It doesn't matter whether it's our trap, or whether we're using her trap to trap the trapper .
They were mostly hunters, trappers , and woodsmen.
While I support the hunters and trappers of Illinois, I refuse to support this particularly gruesome hunting method that's been banned in the state for years.
We need to articulate the fact that trappers using foothold traps was essential to this unprecedented reintroduction success.
Reid says hunters and trappers tried to strike a compromise by agreeing to strictly limited hunting and trapping seasons.
In addition, trappers check their trap lines on a daily basis, minimizing the amount of time the animal waits.
They were hunters, trappers , fishermen, and farmers whose ancestors were exiled from Nova Scotia by the British in 1765.