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trapdoor / люк, опускная дверь
имя существительное
hatch, manhole, hatchway, trapdoor, trap, scuttle
опускная дверь
trapdoor, trap
имя существительное
a hinged or removable panel in a floor, ceiling, or roof.
There's a trapdoor in the ceiling: the time capsule takes us up through it, and we're in the family's living quarters: the whole family gathered around the hearth.
He descended a ladder and went down through a trapdoor to the 5th floor.
We had ascended the steep staircase and out through a narrow trapdoor on to the roof of the tower, high above the battlements of his creaking ancestral pile.
Then she slowly slid open a trapdoor in the floor.
Obeying a nameless impulse to look up, I detected the hair-thin outline of a square trapdoor in the high ceiling.
She stared at the floor, where the trapdoor had once been.
After a while, a trapdoor in the roof opened, and a girl clambered out.
The sailor opened the trapdoor and the rusty hinges squealed loudly.
It was a normal looking place, some trees in the back, a little wooden house ahead, and a trapdoor on the floor.
He strode angrily to the other trapdoor on his roof, the one that led to the two rooms where his sons dwelled.
A scampering noise beat across the ceiling before a little trapdoor opened with a dull thud, previously completely invisible to all in the bar.