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transverse / поперечный
имя прилагательное
transverse, cross, transversal, diametrical, crosscut, traverse
cross, intersect, cross over, traverse, pass, transverse
лежать поперек
имя прилагательное
situated or extending across something.
a transverse beam supports the dashboard
The depth of the tie beam was minimized to avoid transverse bending from the tower legs.
Feather muscles are oriented diagonally to the longitudinal and transverse body axes.
So when the midwife tried to break my waters he popped his head out of the engaged position in the pelvis and moved so he was transverse breech.
Either bake one large cake and carry out a transverse dissection, or bake two smaller ones and glue them together with killer icing.
The fetus slowly rotates, first into the transverse position and then, finally, the vertex.
If we must discuss individual aspects of its makeup, they must be seen as transverse sections of that whole.
At this point, the transverse chain order also still remains rather high.
Micropyles are marked with arrows (longitudinal in longer ovule, transverse in shorter ovule).
Pairs of transverse white lines that extend all the way across the nail are called Muehrcke's lines.
They took a side road that transverse a section of near rural country.