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transsexual / транссексуал
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or relating to transsexuals.
The relationship between mental health professionals and their transgender / transsexual clients has a long and complicated history - one that has been often characterized in negative terms.
имя существительное
a person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.
So transsexuals , although born into one gender, will identify emotionally and psychologically with the other.
We were all wondering if we'd discovered the first post-operative transsexual to become pregnant when we found Sarah dipping chocolates into guacamole.
Unmarried parents, cohabiting couples with children, and transsexual couples with children have all been acknowledged as having a right to respect for their family life under this Article.
An analysis was done of 2,000 transsexual patients in 13 countries over 30 years.
Samuel's mother and, to some extent, his father and brother had all come to ‘accept’ the possibility of Samuel being or becoming transsexual .
They are unfailingly sympathetic to gay and transsexual people - ‘he's a human being!’
To return now to the example of my transsexual patient: initially, I really could not see what solution this patient would be able to find at the end of her analysis.
Yet these heroic changes, which have largely been driven by transsexual activists, focus solely on transsexuality and gender identity.
Biologically a postoperative female transsexual is still male.
This bill is obviously a clear example of an expression of malice and prejudice against gay, lesbian, transgender, and transsexual people.
Technically, he was not what today we would call a surgically complete transsexual since initially there was little reconstructive surgery.