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transposition / перестановка, перенос, перемещение
имя существительное
permutation, transposition, rearrangement, reshuffle, shift, reversal
transfer, carry, hyphenation, transposition, transferal, carry-over
movement, displacement, motion, transfer, relocation, transposition
имя существительное
the action of transposing something.
transposition of word order
By the same token, boxing is a transposition of a noble pursuit of post-pub Britain into an artificial environment of padded gloves and gumshields.
a transposition of an old story into a contemporary context
transposition of word order
Transposable elements are divided into two major classes according to their mode of transposition .
a transposition of an old story into a contemporary context
Not that I have any objection to transposition - quite the opposite - but it would seem sensible to me, if the High C can't be hit, to go with the A as Verdi intended.
It has been suggested that transposition could provide a mechanism for this behavior.
The increase in transposition observed over the first 24 hr could reflect increased transposase translation with time.
In January 1986 we performed our first elective switch operation for simple transposition of the great arteries.
Unlike directives, EU regulations have the force of law without requiring transposition into national legislation.