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transporter / транспортер, конвейер
имя существительное
conveyor, transporter, conveyer, carrier, conveyance
conveyor, conveyer, transporter, conveyance
имя существительное
a person or thing that transports something, in particular.
For example, for a long time the government did not allow the non-life insurers to revise upwards the motor insurance premium rates due to the pressure from the transporters ' lobby.
Aficionados all share a certain fondness for the transporter , the device that allowed the intrepid crew of the Enterprise to plunk down on various planets without benefit of spacecraft.
The heavy equipment transporter and heavy expanded mobility tactical truck are in similar age classes, with average fleet ages of 9.2 years and 14.8 years respectively.
Then they walked out of the transporter room, smiling and laughing.
The US troops suffered no casualties but they left behind at least three destroyed vehicles - a transporter , a five-tonne truck and at least one Humvee.
This device is called a transporter , which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
She then tiptoed to the transporter room, to see that Himeko wasn't there.
To his luck, the aliens were a few levels beneath him, near the supply transporter pad.
We then helped load the cars onto a vehicle transporter that had arrived.
The subway must have been the original inspiration for the transporter device used in the series.
She did this while also putting his things on a nearby transporter pad, in fact.