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transportation / транспорт, транспортировка, перевозка
имя существительное
transport, transportation, traffic, carriage, portage
transportation, conveyance, hauling, portage, carting
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, conveyance
имя существительное
the action of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported.
the era of global mass transportation
the action or practice of transporting convicts to a penal colony.
One area where she made important changes was in the treatment of prisoners sentenced to transportation to the colonies.
If this scheme is carried out, it could help reduce transportation costs.
He suspects this is due to the interstate transportation of game farm animals.
As the overruns were probably stolen, there would be the crime of interstate transportation of stolen goods.
We should build a new generation of less expensive and safer space transportation to replace the Shuttle.
Now we already have cargo transportation to China from Kaohsiung via Xiamen.
In Britain, rural public transportation is often provided with postal vans offering seating for regular passengers.
A prisoner's condition and life signs should be monitored before, during and after transportation .
But the handicapped person faces extra medical and transportation costs.
Consider walking, riding a bike, or using mass transportation .
transportation on the site includes a monorail