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transpire / происходить, случаться, просачиваться
occur, happen, take place, be, come, transpire
happen, occur, be, match, take place, transpire
soak, leak, seep, leak out, filter, transpire
occur; happen.
I'm going to find out exactly what transpired
(of a plant or leaf) give off water vapor through the stomata.
As the flowers transpire , water evaporates and is trapped at the roof of the bricks.
a cactus does not transpire as freely as most plants
The fourth leaf was allowed to transpire normally, or was wrapped in a transparent plastic bag.
As the flowers transpire , water evaporates and is trapped at the roof of the bricks.
Camp was made, no one suspecting what would soon transpire .
Mulch also limits frost penetration, enabling the roots of evergreens - whose leaves transpire moisture even in winter - to take up more water.
Such varied images of what might transpire at a meeting suggests the novelty of the institution itself.
Leaves in sunny microhabitats transpire more than those in shade microhabitats.
And when the facts emerged and it transpired that Michael had nothing to do with any of it - people still preferred to believe the lie.
So while rueing the fact that we are not in the right business to make lots of money it transpired that none of us had chosen the field we were working in but had, by various means, fallen into it.
As the days wore on, and others, at and outside that meeting, tendered evidence, it transpired that none of the other six could recall the alleged threat of physical violence.