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transoceanic / трансокеанский, заокеанский, пересекающий океан
имя прилагательное
overseas, transoceanic, oversea
пересекающий океан
имя прилагательное
crossing an ocean.
the transoceanic cable system
He was the first person to chart the flow of the Gulf Stream, to conduct deep-sea soundings, and to imagine the potential of a transoceanic cable.
Of course the delay in delivering a letter across the Atlantic Ocean was considerable in those days, the first transoceanic telegraph still decades in the future.
Although remarkable, these voyages were not truly transoceanic ; the Indian Ocean often being viewed as the Asian counterpart to the Mediterraean Sea.
Though they are not ships, oil and gas rigs in the ocean, and transoceanic cables too, are as worthy of naval attack and defense as any ship might be.
Diabetes is a condition which usually disqualifies a skipper from transoceanic solo racing.
The energy and momentum of these transoceanic waves can take them thousands of kilometers from their origin before slamming into far-distant islands or coastal areas.
Obviously, it would not significantly affect longer nonstop and transoceanic flights.
Taking place in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco with intimations of its transoceanic neighbor, Japan, the play already fails by not making these places compellingly present.
He discusses the science of the telegraph and the transoceanic telegraph cables that linked the world.
Reliance was planning to acquire the transoceanic cable provider for around $211 million in cash, with a price of $97.41 per share.