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transnational / транснациональный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
extending or operating across national boundaries.
transnational advertising agencies
имя существительное
a large company operating internationally; a multinational.
It goes beyond the CEOs of big transnationals in manufacturing, services and finance.
It negated such emotive factors as transnational religious feeling.
Of course, it is true that it is difficult for one nation to solve a transnational problem.
The fibre supply was now tightly committed to the operations of three large transnational pulp and paper corporations.
In the current national military strategy, transnational threats are of prime importance.
Plainly, the US dominates these institutions, as it dominates other transnational bodies.
It's about upholding national sovereignty in the face of fancy, transnational treaties, like the Human Rights Act.
This is nation states versus transnational terrorist organizations.
Among them are those who are effectively stateless, owing allegiance only to the extremist cause of transnational terrorism.
This is a world of interdependence, in which nation-states are subordinated to transnational authorities.
The main drivers of change are now transnational corporations rather than national governments.