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transmute / превращать
turn, transform, convert, turn into, transmute, render
change in form, nature, or substance.
the raw material of his experience was transmuted into stories
Perhaps you can pay the surcharge in lead and someone in the back will transmute it into gold.
The elixir is the Philosopher's Stone, the object which will transmute base metals into silver and gold, but also has the power of restoring health, curing all diseases.
Alchemists, the tales go, sought to use a magical philosopher's stone to transmute lead into gold.
I take all of this lead and transmute it, by my art, into finest gold…
He could transmute wispy ideas into detailed plans and turn revolutionary dreams into enduring realities.
the discovery that elements can transmute by radioactivity
the quest to transmute lead into gold
The alchemists of today are those nuclear chemists who routinely transmute uranium to plutonium by bombarding uranium with neutrons.
Like the Stone, the Elixir could transmute base metals to gold.
Elements of occultism were reflected in claims of ability to prolong life and transmute metals.