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transmogrify / превращаться, превращать, изменять
turn, transform, turn into, grow into, turn to, transmogrify
turn, transform, convert, turn into, transmute, transmogrify
change, vary, betray, alter, transform, transmogrify
transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.
the cucumbers that were ultimately transmogrified into pickles
An existential experience of tragedy and loss is converted into technical problems that transmogrify its existential roots.
Like infesting alien pods, American culture threatens to transmogrify the planet, as the speaker put it, into one big New Jersey.
The next recession could transmogrify many dot-com millionaires into poor folks.
It, however, proves the pertinent fact that, if you have the financial power, you can transmogrify a nation of persecuted people into villains and a bunch of terrorists into heroes.
In 1988 the paper transmogrified itself from a dull, traditional broadsheet into a design lead hip'n'happening paper.
The skyline is being transmogrified by luxury condo towers all over the place.
Otherwise, how can slim evidence of past crimes be transmogrified into compelling evidence of future ones?
They are not a part of a narrative, neither are they transmogrified creatures of fantasy and myth.
Information from weather satellites, and from street cameras in Cork, will be fed into a computer where, thanks to the magic of programming, it will be transmogrified into a knitting pattern.
This essay has undergone several transmogrifications over the years to fit specific themes of specific conferences.