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transmitter / передатчик, радиопередатчик, отправитель
имя существительное
transmitter, sender, broadcaster
sender, transmitter, mailer, addresser
имя существительное
a set of equipment used to generate and transmit electromagnetic waves carrying messages or signals, especially those of radio or television.
Conversely, radio waves from a transmitter operating near the cable will enter the cable through these slots.
A wireless receiver unit receives the output signal transmitted by the transmitter .
Despite frequent inconsistencies and misapprehensions, the work was a principal transmitter of ancient science and Neoplatonic thought to the western Middle Ages.
Using a 10 watt transmitter , it can be heard by 2,847 families.
There are hundreds, probably thousands, of chemical systems and transmitter substances throughout the brain.
So this is a lock and key mechanism for a chemical called nicotine which we all know of, but which in the brain is actually a chemical transmitter .
One of the patrolmen signaled frantically on a small portable transmitter for help.
In the absence of acetylcholinesterase, levels of the transmitter acetylcholine increase.
They block the lock and key mechanism for the nerve transmitter serotonin and are effective treatments for the nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy.
reggae has established itself as the principal transmitter of the Jamaican language
reggae has established itself as the principal transmitter of the Jamaican language