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translocate / перемещать, смещать
move, transfer, shift, relocate, transport, translocate
displace, remove, depose, dislodge, dislocate, translocate
move from one place to another.
translocating rhinos to other reserves
To allow for the next round of transcription initiation RNA polymerase has to translocate about 60 base pairs.
These chromosome pieces contain the same genes involved in the original translocation and they can translocate to the other chromosome producing the same fusion gene.
the cell bodies translocate into the other side of the brain
the cell bodies translocate into the other side of the brain
The peptide penetratin has recently been shown to translocate across neural cell membranes without damaging them, even when coupled to drugs.
Their ancestral array could have existed on the autosomes of the progenitor of the A. gambiae complex, from which some repeats were translocated onto the Y chromosome.
During the first phase, the proteins are translocated within the first 10 minutes of stress which is accompanied by cortical reinforcement.
Of special interest are those ions that serve as catalytic substrates of membrane enzymes but are not translocated through the membrane.
Drought, famine and poverty account for the translocation of millions more.
The up to 50 birds to be translocated will be sourced from Codfish Island and a number of captive holding sites, and will be fully health screened prior to departure.