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transitory / преходящий, временный, переходный
имя прилагательное
transient, transitory, passing, temporal, ephemeral, momentary
temporary, temporal, interim, provisional, transient, transitory
transition, transitional, transitive, transitory, interjacent, in-between
имя прилагательное
not permanent.
transitory periods of medieval greatness
The things that belong to the visible realm are transitory and impermanent.
It was certainly part of his thinking, the transitory nature of things.
I mean what could you possibly win, apart from cash and the kind of frankly transitory and ephemeral applause of certain kinds?
Consumption, as well as income, has both a permanent and a transitory component.
For that one single moment, that transitory instant, I was actually delighted to see him again.
Given the marginal and transitory nature of these shows, it is a wonder that anyone remembers them at all.
To most though, it's typical of the transitory nature of everything in town.
And of course newspapers have to find ways of protecting transitory information in a short time-frame and make money from it.
As a result, there was a transitory period of political and economic stabilisation in the early twenties.
In this way, the creative process is likened to a search for something that is evasive and transitory , something that is difficult to grasp.