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transit / транзит, переход, перевозка
имя существительное
transition, conversion, jump, passage, crossing, transit
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, conveyance
имя прилагательное
transient, transitory, passing, temporal, ephemeral, transit
momentary, transitional, transit, flashy
go, proceed, turn, pass, transfer, transit
переходить в иной мир
move, cross, leave, move about, pass, transit
имя существительное
the carrying of people, goods, or materials from one place to another.
a painting was damaged in transit
a tool used by surveyors to measure horizontal angles.
The pros use a surveying tool called a transit for leveling work like this.
pass across or through (an area).
the new large ships will be too big to transit the Panama Canal
They will be quarantined at the NAIA transit area and will not be allowed to leave the premises while waiting for their flight to South Korea.
A substantial portion of a shipment which was in transit to Canada was stolen, resulting in a loss to him of approximately $115,000.
Anyone who missed it this time will have another chance in eight years time - if they are willing to travel to Australia where another transit of Venus will be visible.
For she was allowed transit the airport even though she had no passport and was carrying a gun.
With urban transportation, higher urban densities are critical in order to allow public transit and walking to be feasible urban transport options.
By the classical era the Sun's transit through the zodiac sign had taken precedence and Virgo became more directly perceived as a Maiden of fruition through the Harvest.
Security firms rather than the banks are also liable for all cash in transit , more than €7m in the last 12 months.
One of the special features of the bus terminus is the pedestrian subway connecting all platforms, ensuring safe transit of passengers.
the first west-to-east transit of the Northwest Passage
The shipment was in transit between Malaysia's Port Klang and Oakland in California.