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transistor / транзистор, кристаллотриод, транзисторный радиоприемник
имя существительное
transistor, tranny, transistor radio, transistor set
транзисторный радиоприемник
transistor radio, transistor, transistor set
имя существительное
a semiconductor device with three connections, capable of amplification in addition to rectification.
For comparison, the gate length of the smallest silicon transistors is about 20 nanometers.
A gate voltage of output driving MOS transistor is adjusted through a negative feedback circuit.
By the mid-1960's, the microchip was replacing the transistor .
Tiny transistor sets with FM facility disappeared with astonishing speed from the shelves of duty paid shops.
A field effect transistor utilizes an oxide film to obtain satisfactory performance characteristics and ease of manufacture.
An integrated circuit contains a planar first transistor and a diode.
In 1958 a single silicon transistor sold for about $10.
The field effect transistor includes a gate over a silicon substrate.
A pull-down transistor has a control electrode and a pair of controlled electrodes.
Each pixel in the display is controlled by its own silicon-based transistor .
Applying voltage to the transistor gates frees the charges for readout.