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transformer / трансформатор, трансформер, преобразователь
имя существительное
transformer, compensator, quick-change artist
converter, transducer, transformer, reformer
имя существительное
an apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current.
LED lights require a transformer to turn alternating current to direct current.
a person or thing that transforms something.
He is known as a daring innovator in science, as an indefatigable researcher and as a great transformer of nature.
One high voltage transformer that has something wrong with it.
The circuit keeps interrupting itself in this way, gradually boosting voltage through the transformer .
Method and apparatus for a coherence transformer with limited memory for connecting computer system coherence domains
Let's start with the heart of the circuit, the main transformer , the device that actually boosts the voltage.
He himself admires Peter the Great, the legendary but tyrannical transformer of 18th-century Russia.
The transformer in the output stage simply increases the voltage by 10, thus producing approximately 90 volts AC.
No or low output voltage means the transformer winding has open or shorted winding.
Alternating voltage fed into a transformer - which is not a new development - will boost it to any voltage you want, with no moving parts.
One solution is to contact the power utility company, get it to confirm the sag and retap the transformer to bring the voltage swing within an acceptable range.
A transformer boosted the tube voltage to about 50 000 V, and x-ray imaging was done by both fluoroscopy and photography.