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transformation / преобразование, трансформация, превращение
имя существительное
transformation, converting, change, reform, mapping, reorganization
transformation, metamorphosis
conversion, transformation, turning, converting, transform, transition
имя существительное
a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.
its landscape has undergone a radical transformation
The character of the inner city has undergone a marked transformation since the City set up a rejuvenation plan five years ago.
He thus enriched analysis and gave the complete solution of the two great questions of the transformation of hyperelliptic functions and of their complex multiplication.
For each transformation , the plasmid inserts from 7 to 18 colonies were sequenced.
The independent and simultaneous malignant transformation of 4 different stem cells is difficult to imagine in such a small tumor.
One of the least demanding of all perennial plants, irises are undergoing a radical transformation regarding color, flower form, and reblooming abilities.
The traditional post office underwent a radical transformation and the new-look store was opened ten years ago.
In sexual reproduction, spermatocytes develop from the transformation of choanocytes, and oocytes arise from archeocytes.
Another striking example of metamorphosis is the transformation of the pluteus stage larva of the sea urchin into the adult.
Behind them, we have to believe the mind will undergo a radical transformation .
Except for the transformation of elements by nuclear reactions, all of the atoms in the universe heavier than helium are the products of the nuclear reactions that take place in dying stars.