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transform / трансформировать, преобразить, превращать
turn, transform, convert, turn into, transmute, render
имя существительное
conversion, transformation, turning, converting, transform, transition
make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.
lasers have transformed cardiac surgery
имя существительное
the product of a transformation.
In the bottom portion of the figure, the logarithmic transform of power is presented.
By varying color palettes, patterns and fabrics slipcovers can stylishly transform the appearance of any space.
We yearn for the simple life, thinking that being closer to nature will transform us into spiritual, earth-preserving people.
I used a power stepper to transform the frequency and also to down the voltage from 240v to 110v.
Cosmetic surgery can easily transform an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, so it is being put to a new use - that is, to create ‘man-made beauty’.
he wanted to transform himself into a successful businessman
In 1935, the Laplace transform was a topic of frontline research, by 1955 it was standard fare in undergraduate courses.
A ½ x ½ inch ceramic battery can transform body heat into electrical power.
Voluntary effort can transform the appearance of an area and increase the respect that people have for their environment.
he wanted to transform himself into a successful businessman
Bateman's method was the now familiar one of applying the complex inversion formula of the Laplace transform .