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transfiguration / преобразование, видоизменение, преображение господне
имя существительное
transformation, converting, change, reform, mapping, transfiguration
modification, change, variation, differentiation, transfiguration
преображение господне
имя существительное
a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.
in this light the junk undergoes a transfiguration; it shines
After a couple of minutes, the music undergoes a magical transfiguration : it's as though Exeter Cathedral's stained-glass angels had taken wing, soaring up to the heavens.
The Gospel reading is Luke's account of the transfiguration ; the Old Testament and Epistle readings highlight different dimensions of this event in the life of the Christ.
This ghostly apparition is actually a transfiguration of your loved one.
Ignored is the internal transfiguration of African-American life that often plays itself out within the community in powerfully destructive ways.
Indeed, there is even a transfiguration of the archways, halls and yards of the convent in the following scenes of Nazi infiltration.
If you thought Celtic music was fiddles, jigs and reels, this extraordinary album will be a platform for your transfiguration .
Two major techniques are the transfiguration of classical fairytales, and the integration of traditional motifs with contemporary references within atypical settings and plotlines.
Between these two ordinary skins lies the means of their transfiguration : graphics and fibre-optics.
It eventually loomed over the eight others, who melted away into the shadows, their work done, the transfiguration begun.
In the second passage, following the transfiguration , Jesus must exorcise a demon from a suffering child because his apostles could not do so, reportedly due to their lack of faith.