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transference / передача, перенесение, перемещение
имя существительное
broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, transference
movement, displacement, motion, transfer, relocation, transference
имя существительное
the action of transferring something or the process of being transferred.
education involves the transference of knowledge
education involves the transference of knowledge
At many a public meeting we constantly warned of the dangers of product transference and that we would not lose money but in fact could make more.
The change, energy, process, and transference accounts converge in treating connection in terms of process: causing is physical producing.
I am not saying that transference of authority is always inappropriate.
Other explanations for the presence of the particles were possible - for instance, physical transference by people moving about the house after the shooting, he said.
I can see to it that the transference process occurs gradually for it will take years, for one to become accustomed to such extraordinary levels of pure energy.
And again, when you find something from a body that has been affixed or in some way attached to something else, then questions arise, how might there have been transference ?
I suspect a certain attitude to asylum-seekers (‘they've come here to sponge’ etc.) is actually a form of transference .
But after each discussion and transference and cameras parameters change one has to do recalculation, calculate and compare several variants of cameras placement.
This transference was regarded as a right of conquest, but the excuse was sometimes offered that the artists concerned were of German origin.