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transcription / транскрипция, запись, транскрибирование
имя существительное
transcription, transliteration
record, recording, entry, notation, note, transcription
имя существительное
a written or printed representation of something.
Quotes in this article were derived from tape transcriptions or written notes compiled during interviews.
The pieces were a Schubert-Liszt transcription and a study by Scriabin.
It was almost as if she had dictated it verbally and then had the transcription written up.
My hat is off to those who persevere through the tedious transcription process necessary to publish such works for us.
The process involved transcribing, analyzing data, and member checking for both the transcription and written analyses after each pair of interviews.
This makes it easier to write out an accurate transcription .
Have some interview transcription left to do, but no deadline and no huge sense of urgency; and nothing to do at all Web-wise until the last bits of material come my way.
The official returns differ from the Register in several places because of typographical or transcription errors in the Register.
The gene could be mutated during transcription into the genetic code, and could perhaps make any genetic problem even worse.
our usual transcription is given in brackets
This is far enough removed from Bach to mean that we can't know whether it is a faithful copy of a work for solo organ, or of a transcription of a string piece, or indeed, by Bach at all.