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transcribe / транскрибировать, переписывать, аранжировать
rewrite, overwrite, copy, transcribe, write out, type
arrange, transcribe, harmonize
put (thoughts, speech, or data) into written or printed form.
each interview was taped and transcribed
The only thing missing is my secretary to transcribe the following notes.
The sound, I am all too familiar with; my ability to accurately transcribe it is in doubt.
In those early years he would frequently transcribe orchestral music for the organ.
A smaller portion of their literature was written in chu nom, a writing system that uses a combination of Chinese characters to transcribe Vietnamese sounds.
polymerases transcribe it into a long RNA molecule
Massaging her temples, she sat back down at the desk and began to transcribe her notes.
In adapting the work, Beethoven does not simply transcribe it note for note.
She decides to transcribe his notes on the typewriter in case anyone should ever have to read it.
Later, some people will return to their offices or hotels and transcribe the words onto their computers if they can read them, others may just file away their notes.
Finally one day Jeanne got tired of trying to transcribe my notes that were scribbled on numerous bits of paper in longhand.