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transcendental / трансцендентный, трансцендентальный, абстрактный
имя прилагательное
transcendental, transcendent
abstract, abstractive, discrete, noetic, transcendental, nonobjective
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a spiritual or nonphysical realm.
the transcendental importance of each person's soul
(of a number, e.g., e or π) real but not a root of an algebraic equation with rational roots.
Liouville had introduced such numbers as examples of transcendental numbers - real numbers that are not roots of polynomial equations with integer coefficients.
Through visual art, he tried to express a transcendental mysticism that he felt he could not fully communicate through music.
Or should they legitimately be applied only to continuous curves susceptible of being expressed by algebraic or transcendental equations?
Mathematicians had regarded algebraic numbers as, in some sense, simpler than transcendental numbers.
Today's terrorists increasingly look at their acts of death and destruction as sacramental or transcendental on a spiritual or eschatological level.
It does not constitute either a sect or a school of thought, but is rather a spiritual or transcendental practice, which persists despite criticism from orthodox theologians.
Eze evidently thinks it very important to emphasize that Kant appealed to his transcendental philosophy and his theory of the a priori to formulate his racial theory.
There are theists in all of these categories (don't know about transcendental idealism or logical positivists), so they all allow for divine intervention of a kind.
Husserl sees his own transcendental phenomenology as the true heir to Kant's transcendental philosophy.
Echoes of the subsequent post-Hegelian criticisms of Kantian transcendental philosophy are found in the early work of Horkheimer and Marcuse.
Only the arc lengths of transcendental curves such as the cycloid and the logarithmic spiral had been calculated before this.