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transceiver / приемопередатчик
имя существительное
имя существительное
a device that can both transmit and receive communications, in particular a combined radio transmitter and receiver.
In the past, Earth-based radio transceivers performed all these functions, limiting both the communication bandwidth and the navigation accuracy.
In order to communicate fast, most spies needed access to a radio transceiver .
Each mobile device communicates over the air with a fixed transceiver , which communicates with a server via landline.
Typically, a rig consists of a wireless radio transmitter used by the coach, and a wireless transceiver used by the speaker.
People just need to locate the whereabouts of a radio transceiver , which functions like a modem.
The transceiver also includes a transmitter with a third input port for receiving parallel data and a second output port for transmitting a serial data stream.
The transceiver includes a receiver which can be selectively powered down whenever activity within the communication line ceases.
The power supply provides a source of electrical energy for the cellular transceiver and the control circuitry.
Each camera is equipped with a transceiver for receiving and sending data, and a display for observing the messages or listening to them.
By doing this, they eliminated much of the expense and complexity of a radio transceiver that has to convert a non-audible signal to a tone you can hear.
Each of the slave nodes has an uplink transceiver and a downlink transceiver, with the downlink transceiver ordinarily isolated by switches from the common bus.