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transact / вести, заключать
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, transact
conclude, enclose, infer, include, establish, transact
conduct or carry out (business).
The way business is transacted , government operates, and national defense is conducted have changed.
It happens on a daily basis, much to the distress of people who transact business there.
This is not communism - businesses are free to transact business any way they want in a democratic society.
This Act currently allows the trust to transact business with its parent company, which is named, and any subsidiary or company associated with its parent company.
traders transact business in the public exchange
In the past, experts have said that the only way to truly avoid the risks of currency fluctuation is to transact all international business in U.S. dollars.
You couldn't actually transact business there.
the dealer must know the price at which he is prepared to transact
Subsequently, more organizations can transact business online without large software applications or resources, constant upgrades, and/or system overhauls.
Also, there is the influence of the surrounding organizations which transact business with an organization.
He puts it bluntly: ‘If you don't transact business, your business would be null and void.’