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tranquillize / успокаивать, успокаиваться
calm down, soothe, calm, settle down, reassure, tranquillize
calm down, settle down, settle, quiet down, quiet, tranquillize
joys that tranquillize the mind
The feeling of being alone had somehow tranquilized me; it made me feel at ease.
Lets face it the language we use to talk about the economy is plain boring, housing starts, GDP; you could tranquilize an elephant with that stuff.
In such cases, they hold you down and tranquilize you, like an animal, like the unreachable wounded animal they consider you to be.
During the course of my study, I had occasion to tranquilize individuals of both my study species so that I could place radio collars around their necks for tracking purposes.
Even more cunning, some of the gorillas pretend to be tranquilized .
The guards are the life-support machines and the tranquilizing drugs.
Drinking alcohol does not produce true ‘relaxation’ - it ‘drugs’ or ‘ tranquilizes ’ the drinker, and alcohol cannot only disrupt sleep, it can cause stress.
To be plopped in the river's midst, in a canoe, on a spectacular day, is tranquilizing .
It may well be that interpreting the first in terms of the latter motivates a doctor to bury his patient's existential despair under a heap of tranquilizing drugs.