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tranche / транш
  • last tranche - последний транш
имя существительное
a portion of something, especially money.
they released the first tranche of the loan
It is believed that deals have been signed on half the tranche of property currently being sold off.
The distribution of the first tranche is now set to take place on 12 September.
they released the first tranche of the loan
The organisations pay out a big tranche of money getting hundreds of people off their payroll on enhanced retirement terms and three months later, guess what?
We had planned to spend the Bank Holiday weekend in Italy paying the next tranche of money and finalising the layout of sanitary ware in the bath room.
It is not clear what he wants to do with the latest tranche of money he is raising, although observers suggest that he will not be taking all the sale proceeds out of Russia.
they released the first tranche of the loan
According to local media reports, the state social security fund subscribed to a large tranche of shares.
The junior convertible preferred shares were split into two tranches .
This can be broken down into various tranches ; property loans, invoice discounting, asset finance and working capital.