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trance / транс, состояние экстаза
имя существительное
trance, ecstasy, entrancement
состояние экстаза
впадать в транс
приходить в экстаз
имя существительное
a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.
she put him into a light trance
put into a trance.
she's been tranced and may need waking
Analogies were drawn to waking from a dream, from a hypnotic trance , or from meditation.
Slowly, I break the light trance and stand up, feeling much better.
Is this a mystical gift bestowed upon me in a meditative trance ?
In desperation I turned to that old standby, the self-induced trance .
I was filtering out all verbal communication and only paying attention to body language, and entered a really peaceful trance state.
For example, some practitioners see someone's very sense of identity as a powerful trance state, rather than as something with a concrete existence.
The loud music blaring from her room brought Kyle out of his thoughtful trance , and he looked up absently.
There is no documented report of Virginia being placed into a mesmeric trance in the hours preceding her death.
When I finally snapped out of my trance / ice cream fantasy, I willed myself to continue forward to the object of my quest.
the kind of trance he went into whenever illness was discussed