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tramway / трамвайная линия
имя существительное
трамвайная линия
tramline, tram, tramway
имя существительное
a set of rails that forms the route for a streetcar.
But then again, I know that at Weymouth (and half a hundred other places for all I know) there is a tramway which took heavy rail vehicles, i.e. trains.
This service was necessary because the one ton buckets on the cable tramway from the mine to the concentrator didn't have the capacity to keep the concentrator supplied with iron ore.
They also planned to construct an aerial tramway to bring ore to the mill.
The Chairman pointed out in reply to a query that the products of the factory carried on the tramway were not for shipping but for railing.
The decline of the tramway system finally came with the competition of buses.
The town's tramway was for a long time Britain's only working tramway outside of museums.
The tramway was built in the early 1900s, despite opposition to plans for it.
In 1911, the York Corporation agreed to widen Goodramgate to make way for the electric tramway .
The tramway ended near the Aydin railway station.
Later, an aerial tramway was built to increase the efficiency of the transportation.
The expansion of tramway networks and their electrification took place largely in the first stage.