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tramp / бродяга, топот, босяк
имя существительное
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, drifter
tramp, clatter, stamp, stomp, brattle
tramp, down-and-out
trample, tread, stamp, tread on, tramp, tread down
tramp, vagabond, hike, hobo, vagabondize
тяжело ступать
clump, stump, lump, tramp, trample, stump along
имя прилагательное
wandering, roving, vagrant, strolling, vagabond, tramp
имя существительное
a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar.
In this category fall some of the adaptive activities of psychotics, autists, pariahs, outcasts, vagrants, vagabonds, tramps , chronic drunkards and drug addicts.
the sound of heavy steps, typically of several people.
the tramp of marching feet
a long walk, typically a tiring one.
they start off on a tramp from Roxbury to New York
a cargo vessel that carries goods among many different ports rather than sailing a fixed route.
a tramp steamer
a promiscuous woman.
She is nothing more than a tramp that sleeps around.
walk heavily or noisily.
he tramped around the room
As summer bled its long days into the shortening evenings of autumn, I'd tramp in reluctantly with feet squidging in wet runners.
The Andromeda rescues some Wayist refugees traveling on board a tramp freighter.
As the march moved off everyone knew instinctively that time was running out and that the guns were increasingly silencing the chants and the tramp of feet.
When I left school in 1959 and joined the Merchant Navy, the cabin on a tramp steamer seemed like my first real home.
She's had a lot of first kisses this year, the little tramp .
the tramp of marching feet
Appropriately, he spends most of his days on tramp steamers, skiffs and barges.
After the tramp had washed his feet and his socks, he tip-toed over the gravel to the grass.
When this tramp steamer went down all 42 on board were drowned, making this one of the worst WW2 shipping losses not caused by enemy action.
Uncle Julian hit the road before he got out of his teens, right in the middle of the Depression, and worked his way across the Atlantic as an oiler's pimp on a tramp steamer.