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tram / трамвай, трамвайная линия, вагонетка
имя существительное
tram, streetcar, trolley, tramcar, trolley car
трамвайная линия
tramline, tram, tramway
trolley, car, truck, wagon, carriage, tram
имя прилагательное
ехать в трамвае
откатывать на вагонетках
имя существительное
a trolley car.
Towns and cities considering tram schemes yesterday attacked Government indecision and demanded clear guidelines on what Ministers were prepared to pay for.
a cable car.
At night, sleep in heated domedgers on plains that evoke western Montana - sans ranchettes, ski trams , and fences.
a low four-wheeled cart or barrow used in coal mines.
Paddy who was a former miner was delighted with the birthday cake, in the shape of an old tram full of coal.
The 16-year-old girl boarded the tram in Manchester and travelled to Bury.
Outside, the sound of a nearby tram rattled across the rooftops to him.
He said: ‘Extending the tram network is something we support in principle.’
(I caught a tram to work this morning and it only took 20 minutes!
Locals use strips of tickets which they stamp on board the tram .
Before getting on the tram , I was obliged to buy a ticket - not from a nice lady behind a counter, but from a contrary and vengeful machine.
She pointed out that at present it takes only 20 minutes to get to Manchester by train from Rochdale, but would take longer by tram .
Access the mountain on an aerial tram that accommodates mountain bikes and affords you a vast and spectacular vista.
We were then issued rubber boots and hard hats and were taken several thousand feet into the mine, where we got off the tram to look at one of the orebodies.
Preston could have a tram network within a decade, according to council chiefs.