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trajectory / траектория
имя существительное
trajectory, path, locus
имя существительное
the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces.
the missile's trajectory was preset
a curve or surface cutting a family of curves or surfaces at a constant angle.
These three trajectories are known as conic sections, as they are also the curves produced by cutting a cone along different planes.
The ball soared in the azure sky like a missile with a perfect trajectory and rolled a lot upon landing.
At this time ideas of the trajectory taken by a projectile were still dominated by Aristotle's thinking.
Among lawful sequences of events are Galileo's laws of free fall and the parabolic trajectory of projectiles.
The trajectory is the path traced by the center of gravity of the projectile from the origin to the level point.
The dust trails spread out over time as each particle continues to orbit the Sun on a trajectory similar to the path of the parent comet.
So now, you have an intersecting curvature, at every point, say, along a trajectory .
the rapid upward trajectory of Rich's career
the missile's trajectory was preset
the missile's trajectory was preset
Turning toward the central piece I choose a path defined by the trajectory of a rail leading to the center.