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trait / особенность, штрих, характерная черта
имя существительное
feature, peculiarity, singularity, characteristic, particularity, trait
hatch, stroke, touch, dash, line, trait
характерная черта
characteristic, feature, trait, peculiarity, attribute, quality
имя существительное
a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person.
he was a letter-of-the-law man, a common trait among coaches
A recognised trait among gamblers is that you are likely to spend more when you are not physically handing over money.
breeders were installing some trait that allowed the crop to thrive
A character trait shared by many program managers is a belief they will complete their project on schedule within budget.
he was a letter-of-the-law man, a common trait among coaches
Absorption is a personality trait associated with fantasy proneness, vivid imagery and so forth.
There were no differences between groups in their self-reported worry and trait anxiety.
It must be common trait among women, being better at cooking once you're married.
But they all share a common trait - frustration at the obstacles put in the way of progress.
In fact IQ is a great example of a trait that is highly heritable but not genetically determined.
the traditionally British trait of self-denigration