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trainer / тренер, инструктор, тренажер
имя существительное
coach, trainer, handler
instructor, trainer, coach
trainer, body-builder
имя существительное
a person who trains people or animals.
He's the outstanding racehorse trainer, the trainer of flat race horses I suppose in the world.
a person whose job is to provide medical assistance to athletes.
For a full assessment of the flexibility or range of motion of all your joints, see a physical therapist or athletic trainer .
a soft sports shoe suitable for casual wear.
I like smart/casual boots or shoes rather than trainers or sneakers.
a fitness trainer
Additionally, the trainer can provide cues and encouragement to use the impaired side.
It was soon discovered that a trainer aircraft for the conversion of pilots to this unusual and difficult type of aircraft was required.
At the same time, the role of team athletic trainer never has been more important, or more complex.
Produced in the thousands, it was used as a trainer and as an observation airplane by the Air Force in World War II.
Every top athlete has a trainer they can fall back and rely on.
Let's stretch the bounds of reason and say you want to take your trip in a fighter or attack aircraft, a helicopter or a trainer .
Stable and easy to fly, it served as a trainer for the nation's first generation of jet pilots.
a racehorse owner and trainer
I started talking with the coach and he found out I was a certified athletic trainer and went crazy.