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trailer / трейлер, прицеп, автоприцеп
имя существительное
trailer, hindcarriage, beer chaser
caravan, trailer
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an unpowered vehicle towed by another, in particular.
an excerpt or series of excerpts from a movie or program used to advertise it in advance; a preview.
Both the featurette and the film's widescreen theatrical trailer appear on the pan-and-scan side of the platter.
a thing that trails, especially a trailing plant.
In the largest ones, I usually include one or two flags, two or three fillers, one or two contrast and accent plants, and two or three trailers and weavers.
advertise (a movie or program) in advance by broadcasting excerpts or details.
The drama has been heavily trailered on the main channels, focusing on the shocking behaviour of one of the younger detectives, but there is more to it than that.
transport (something) by trailer.
If you trailer your boat to inland waters, you can unknowingly transport invasive species from one waterbody to another.
The three who died were sitting at the back, and took the full impact when part of the lorry trailer became embedded in the coach.
Officers spotted the car, which was towing a speed boat on a trailer , being driven erratically.
Griffith punched in the codes and the back door of the trailer opened.
You can also trailer your horse over to a friend's or a trainer's and ride different fences.
Extras are slim, with only a trailer and an eight-minute featurette on the making of the film.
Modes of transport included donkey and cart, car and trailer and even the humble wheel-barrow.
In fact the main thrust of the argument centred around the lorry trailer and those caravans on the site in use for agricultural purposes.
When he stopped breathing and she ran to her landlord's trailer to use the phone, she was hysterical.
The Land Rover was hauling a trailer with a car on it.
Police are believed to have recovered one lorry trailer which had been abandoned by the gang early on Monday.