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trail / след, тропа, тропинка
имя существительное
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, scent
trail, path, pathway, track, walk, trailway
path, footpath, trail, pathway, lane, track
drag, pull, haul, lug, tug, trail
trail, trail behind, dodder
drag, plod, traipse, trail, crawl, shamble
имя существительное
a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something.
a trail of blood on the grass
a beaten path through rough country such as a forest or moor.
This may be enough for some, but if you wish to capture hidden aspects of the place you will be visiting you might want to get off the beaten trail .
the rear end of a gun carriage, resting or sliding on the ground when the gun is unlimbered.
draw or be drawn along the ground or other surface behind someone or something.
Alex trailed a hand through the clear water
walk or move slowly or wearily.
she trailed behind, whimpering at intervals
advertise (something, especially a film or program) in advance by broadcasting extracts or details.
For some strange reason the film was originally trailed as a sort of ‘teen slasher flick’ on US TV.
apply (slip) through a nozzle or spout to decorate ceramic ware.
Soon, with the help of a camera crew that has been following him on the campaign trail , he is addressing the world.
The suspicions of her daughter led police back on the trail of the evil doctor and the will became the first concrete piece of evidence against him.
A thin trail of smoke trailed from the mouths of the Satyr and Medusa.
Sam joined in her soft laughter but let his slowly trail off as she did hers.
No candidate on the campaign trail is better at saying two opposing things at once, and no candidate's true intentions are harder to discern.
The object had a trail of very thin plasma coming up off of it and coming down below it giving it a shape like a bulbous ice sickle.
Trellised tomatoes are also easier to protect from pests than plants that trail on the ground.
After pruning, allow each season's new canes to trail on the ground, where they won't crowd fruiting canes.
Alternately, it doesn't hurt to find someone smoking tea-leaves and trail along behind them.
a trail of blood on the grass