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tragic / трагический, печальный, катастрофический
имя прилагательное
tragic, tragical, Thespian, lurid
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, tragic
catastrophic, tragic, tragical
имя прилагательное
causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow.
the shooting was a tragic accident
of or relating to tragedy in a literary work.
The Play of King Lear is a great tragic play that many tragedies try to compare to.
That reminds me. I'm going out to dinner at Isabella's tomorrow night. See? I'm not so tragic after all.
He points out to tragic dramatists that what is seen on the stage makes a deeper impression than what is only narrated.
Seeing the work as a crude forebear of Elizabethan tragic drama effaces its status as an instance of de casibus literature.
A young boy has died in a tragic accident after he was pulled unconscious from a swimming pool.
I've played Macbeth; you could call him a villain but Shakespeare calls him tragic .
It looked as though the record, like the opera, was to have a tragic finale.
It may not be his most original play but it is his most unrelievedly tragic .
There was no evidence it was anything but a very tragic accident.
Three more people died on local roads in the past week in two tragic accidents
Darius, of course, casts himself in the tragic rather than the comic mould.