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tragedian / трагик, трагический актер, автор трагедий
имя существительное
трагический актер
tragedian, Thespian
автор трагедий
имя существительное
an actor who specializes in tragic roles.
It reminded us that some of the zaniest players can play tragedy better than tragedians .
The Greek tragedian Euripides, for example, rarely took first prize in Athenian dramatic competitions.
How could Milton the classicist, the tragedian , the epic writer, reject Plato, the Greek tragedians, and Homer himself?
We might think of him as misplaced, a tragedian performing in cabaret perhaps.
He retired from the stage in 1817 with a final performance as Coriolanus, widely respected as a great tragedian and as Garrick's successor in the promotion and playing of Shakespeare.
Rather, an actor will develop a specialty within a line, perhaps serving only as a lead tragedian , never doing comedy, or narrowing his eccentric business to specialize in Irish or Jewish roles.
In the Aristophanes original, Aeschylus and Euripides debated over which of the two was the best tragedian .
The archon allotted to each tragedian his actors, paid at state expense, and a producer (choregus).
I couldn't do that, so I found I had to become a sit-down tragedian who got up a lot.
Comedian, tragedian and heartthrob, his distinction lies in the very indistinction of his career.
Born around 524 or 525 B.C. in the city of Eleusis near Athens, the Greek dramatist Aeschylus is known as the first great tragedian .