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traditional / традиционный, основанный на обычае
имя прилагательное
traditional, conventional, hereditary, traditionary, square
основанный на обычае
traditional, traditionary
имя прилагательное
existing in or as part of a tradition; long-established.
the traditional festivities of the church year
it was time for the traditional trip to the pantomime
Now pubs stock a wide range of soft drinks varying from the traditional fizzy drinks to exotic fruit juices like cranberry, mango and passion-fruit.
Superficially these seem disconnected and doubtless traditional politicians and focus groups are puzzling over the underlying trends.
Blocks, rules, regulations, legalities, traditions and traditional people may come in your path.
As the other guys sat back with their beers whilst I had that traditional English drink.
Most of the members have traditional jazz training, so hearing an extended solo in one of their live shows wouldn't be a shocker.
There are also schools, a traditional market and a fish market nearby.
He was one of the last traditional farmers of his time having reached his eighties being born around the time when this country became independent.
He started gigging in Bristol as a teenager, playing traditional jazz and bop.
But the restaurant also serves traditional hot and sour soup for Asian guests.