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trade-off / компромисс, взаимные уступки
имя существительное
compromise, trade-off, accommodation, composition, give-and-take
взаимные уступки
give-and-take, trade-off
имя существительное
a balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features; a compromise.
a trade-off between objectivity and relevance
At last, farmers escaped from the vicious trade-off between soil exhaustion and leaving land idle.
Essentially the decision comes down to a trade-off between features and portability.
Nor, for once, does the good ride mean a trade-off in compromised handling.
a trade-off between objectivity and relevance
There is a trade-off between perfection on the one hand and speed, economy, and finality on the other hand.
Of course there is a trade-off between such advantages of large cells and the disadvantages of slower cell multiplication.
Consequently, a trade-off has been predicted between competitive ability and flooding tolerance.
Our objective this year is to win a race even if we have to compromise our championship position somewhat, we will make the trade-off .
There's inevitably a trade-off between keeping company or continuing a conversation with them and keeping moving.
There may often be a trade-off between portability and ownership, and so users may have to decide which is more important.