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trade-in / обменная сделка
имя существительное
обменная сделка
имя существительное
a used article accepted by a retailer in partial payment for another.
the trade-in value of the old car
the trade-in value of the old car
As a reference point, the amount financed is the difference of the negotiated buying price minus applicable trade-in value minus customer down payment and rebates.
The strategy makes sense when your car has 150,000 miles on the odometer and a trade-in value of $250.
Clubs will get a trade-in value assessment on their old machines when they receive a quote for their new purchase.
When we began, life expectancy and trade-in value of some competitive machines were at an unacceptably low level.
You don't want to negatively affect the trade-in value of your pickup do you?
Also, there are rules concerning how the purchase is made, including trade-in allowances, exchanges between relatives, and gifts and inheritances.
You know its trade-in value has become laughable, so who cares about its look any more.
Sometimes that means giving a hand to buyers who owe more on their current auto loan than the auto's trade-in value - otherwise known as being ‘underwater’ on a loan.
Now, the big question, Fred, would they give me a fair trade-in value for my '78 Aspen?