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trade / сделка, торговля, розничная торговля
имя существительное
deal, transaction, bargain, trade, business, swap
trade, trading, commerce, traffic, market, marketing
розничная торговля
retail, trade, distributive trades, retailment
trade, sell, deal, traffic, merchandise, vend
swap, trade, change, interchange, swop, swoop
exchange, swap, trade, change, barter, interchange
имя прилагательное
trade, trading, commercial, sales, merchant, mercantile
trade, freight, marketable, tradable, vendible
trade, trade-union
имя существительное
the action of buying and selling goods and services.
a move to ban all trade in ivory
a skilled job, typically one requiring manual skills and special training.
the fundamentals of the construction trade
a trade wind.
the north-east trades
buy and sell goods and services.
middlemen trading in luxury goods
exchange (something) for something else, typically as a commercial transaction.
they trade mud-shark livers for fish oil
With a worried look on your face, they give you the bits they sell to the trade rather than the DIY-ers; better quality, and much cheaper.
It's clear his uncertain status limits what Philadelphia can demand in a trade .
a significant increase in foreign trade
trade agreement
Home inspection is a trade that requires special training, knowledge, and skills.
The good news is that if you want to pursue a career in the licensed trade there are industry recognised forms of career development.
tourist trade
Prisoners may trade antituberculosis drugs, to be saved for later use or to be traded for goods or services or to pay off debts.
For the 37-year-old former hairdresser, it's the culmination of three years of hard work learning the skills of the trade .
they trade mud-shark livers for fish oil