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trad / трад
имя существительное
traditional jazz or folk music.
When the band was first formed, the idea of fusing rhythm based music from Africa and beyond with melodious trad from Ireland seemed like a curious and exciting experiment.
имя прилагательное
(especially of music) traditional.
trad jazz
It's oddly patriarchal, old-fashioned, and trad .
If that's not your thing, there's country music, trad sessions, acoustic open mic and many other events over the weekend.
Songs must be written in the musical style of folk, ballad, Irish trad , or easy country music, but not contemporary music, while the maximum duration per song is four minutes.
A bunch of Brits in this effervescent reissue of the trumpeter's journeys from trad to mainstream.
As I see it, in Occitan trad music we can catch fleeting glimpses of extreme melodies, and the power of song demonstrated in this music carries a far greater weight than in other musics.
None I've ever heard of - and given that it's the standard cornerstone of beginner practice in the western trad , I suspect that means it's about as safe as such things can be, really.
Friday's session is sure to raise the roof and promises to be a rousing foot tapping treat for all lovers of trad .
American rock and soul music and its instrumentation and stylistic tenets found purchase in trad Cambodian music in the wake of the Vietnam War.
Apart from the generic excellence described above, this CD's join-free, eclectic mixture of Irish trad and dub reggae seemed to be a neat mixture of your past and present.
He was keen on the theatre, classical music, and trad jazz, but, apart from his delightful family, his greatest love was his work.