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tractor / трактор, тягач, самолет с тянущим винтом
имя существительное
tractor, agrimotor
tractor, quad, mule
самолет с тянущим винтом
puller, tractor
имя существительное
a powerful motor vehicle with large rear wheels, used chiefly on farms for hauling equipment and trailers.
Farther north, a farm wife drives a tractor pulling a flat rack.
Other teams had to carry or roll tractor tyres along the sand.
One day he remembered starting the old diesel tractor on the farm inside a metal shed.
One of our most frequent excursions takes us to the abandoned tractor in a nearby field.
Five minutes later, a tow tractor manned by a Japanese ground crew had me on a taxiway.
Dad says he never really thought about buying a new tractor .
At this moment he was playing with a toy tractor quite happily, making his noises.
I decided to go ahead anyway and got a tow tractor to pull the engine out of the hangar.
The garden also boasts an old wheelbarrow filled with plants, and a large tractor tyre tumbling with colour.
A used tractor tire makes an excellent base for converting hog feeders to cattle feeders.
The competitors are constantly up and down, in and out of their tractor cabs.